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Why don't accept Gay Sugar Daddies or Sugar Mommas


Sugar Daddy Meet accepts neither gay Sugar Daddies nor Sugar Mommas, but why is that?

Here's an article that explains why this site has these rulings.

Is it Because of Discrimination?

Most people will tell they're discriminating against gay people as well as women who want to participate in this website, but that's not the case.

This website aims to stand out in the straight dating world, that's the reason why they can't participate in this website.

Is that Fair?

Of course, it is.

That's their website, and they decide how to use it and how not to use it.

If they decide to exclude them, it’s because that’s not what the website is seeking to develop for now.

Why only straight Sugar Daddies then?

The heterosexual market is more extensive than any other competition market, so the site is willing to stand out there to make money.

It may be the right thing to do, as the website is having good earnings and a good reputation. On the other hand, this wouldn’t have been possible in the gay Sugar Daddy market, neither in the Sugar Mommas market.

Sugar Momma’s Market in rise

In the past few years, the Sugar Momma’s Market has been in an uprising change in its demands. More young men are willing to contact these mature women to have relationships with them.

They often want someone to pay for their bills, as they don’t want to be working any extra hours to do so.

Although the demand for Sugar Momma’s has risen, Sugar Daddy Meet trusts only in the heterosexual men market, as they have their politics. But the fact is that they don’t seem to need to get into that market.

Gay Sugar Daddies Market

The reality is that this market isn’t as good as the other two.

It is by far the one with the least demand, and only a few sites offer this service.

Some may protest about this, but that’s the overwhelming truth. If you don’t make enough money, no one will invest in you.

Why Not to be Open at all Markets?

The answer is simple; it’s all about the money.

As I said before if you don’t produce enough money, no one would invest in you.

When you open a market, it requires investment and profitability to sustain it. That’s why the site isn’t backing up those projects because they don’t profit enough.

It is better to keep yourself in the one that makes you win money than backing in an uprising market, which nobody knows how it can turn out to be.


Through this article, we’ve seen why Sugar Daddy Meet doesn’t offer any space for those categories, but after this explanation, I hope it is clear for you.

If those markets made nearly the same amount of money as the Heterosexual Men, they might consider it.

In my opinion, they should keep aiming higher into what they are doing right now because that’s making them succeed in their business.

If something’s not broke, why would you repair it?

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We do not discriminate against homosexuals, but our website does not accept homosexuals.